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Wildside Services for Crossdressers in Toronto
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Wildside provides a makeover and transformation service for novice or experienced crossdressers.

Makeup Only is $60 - Bring or wear your own wardrobe. (cheapest)

My Makeup Video is $20 if you want to pick that up it is a good buy.

10 minute photo shoot $50 - 50 images burned on a disc - I will change your hair 5 times so you get 50 photos of 5 different looks burned on a disc. You can take this disc to a photoshop and get them printed. Can`t make a decision. Some people choose this so they can see how they look in different wigs. Then they buy the wig they feel they look best in.

Glamour Transformation - $500

This is expensive because of the variety of outfits provided (5) and the skill of the photographer director Patricia Aldridge who is highly skilled in making your photos look better than any other photo you have of yourself. The money pays for her time and skill not the products. Of course you may purchase whatever you want for an additional charge.

  • Head to toe complete outfit changes including wig!
  • For people who want the best
  • You will not look like yourself
  • Takes 3 - 4 hours usually but 2 if need be.
  • Hundreds of photos taken and burned.
  • You do not keep the extensive wardrobe.

Watch the video:

Nicole Transformation and Photo Shoot by Patricia Aldridge on Vimeo.
"I hope you enjoy watching this and thank you to Nicole for the images!"


Now here are some still images:

Click HERE
to view more samples of a glamour transformation.

and here is a less expensive but great alternative

The You Keep Everything! Transformation - $300
How Long Does It Take? - 1 hour usually

We offer this for people who need everything


For people who want to leave as a woman and not return (they go to a party or out on a date or whatever....)

We supply everything and you keep everything - here's the breakdown:
Makeup application $60
New Wig $75
New Forms $15
New Panties $15
New Bra $20
Blouse or Top $40
Skirt $40
Shoes $30
Pantyhose   $5

You can upgrade anything - for instance if you want to pay $150 more you can get silicone breast forms, or pay $99 for a corsette.

Special Requests: If you have all clothes just need a few things from me you can buy them. And if you would need a place to transform back the same day or day after It is possible to return to my shop and get back to normal  for a $25 return fee.

Distance Transformation - If You Can't Make It To Wildside In Person.......

Finding out what your femme persona looks like can be this easy: email or send us a photo and Paddy Aldridge (an expert in Photoshop, Premier Pro, Final Cut and After Effects) will transform you digitally! The cost for this is $100.

Additional questions:

1) Do you still offer the $300.00 Package or has this price increased?

We are trying to keep the price of this transformation at $300 forever!

2) What does the $300.00 Package include?

See the list above

3) Is the $300.00 inclusive? Or - Are taxes on top of this price?

Taxes are added to everything in the real world and in the Wildside world too!

4) Is it my choice of clothing or do you put the clothing together for me?

I have a BFA in Fine Arts Performance Production from Ryerson University - I work with people to achieve a look from a theatrical point of view. Everyone is satisfied. So the answer is we work together

5) Are any kind of Breast Forms included in this price?

Please refer to the table above

6) How long is the entire process?

About an hour long

7) Is make up included in this price?

See the list above, but yes it is.

8) Can my girlfriend be present to watch the transformation?

Time and time again the results working one on one are much better than having another person there to provide distraction so the answer is no.

9) Do you do Female to Male transformations or , Can you do Female to Male Transformations?

For almost 30 years I have specialized in Male to Female Transformations - I will keep it that way and not get involved in female to male transformations although I have considered it.

10) Do you have a $300.00 Package available to woman? or - Any Packages offered for woman?

It depends on her size - height and weight. You can also......

Look at some of my previous makeovers and first timer transformations click here.
Email me Paddy to book your transformation now!

Special Note:
Transactions appear as Toronto CDC on your statement

Reg Hours Open 12 Noon - 5:30-ish Tuesday - Saturday
We can prepare your order ahead of time!
Call anytime to shop after hours - no text please
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