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Read the letters below.........they are General Letters of Inquiry and My Answers to assist you in making your choices of various products and transformation services offered at Wildside Toronto. You can live your dream - we will try to make it affordable for you. Hve fun reading this email.....

416-921-6112, open Tues - Sat. Noon - 5 pm and call for after hours appointment

Alternate shopping times are available with prior arrangement.
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Here is some of the wonderful email we receive:


Hi Paddy,Thank you for a terrific stay over friday and saturday nights. We had a great time. Look forward to our next Boot Meet and once again staying with you. **Hugs** David

Thanks for yesterday Paddy. I appreciated your advice and friendly customer service. I thought I would be nervous shopping in your store but you made it feel like home

Thanks again

Hello Paddy
Its Jackie... I dropped by yesterday for the first time to pick up some shoes, wig and some make-up.
I had a lot of fun when I got back home... THANK-YOU ;)
Everything I got from you was amazing!
One more visit to your place and I think I'll be ready to go out.
I love to dance and I am going to need some more comfortable shoes (size 14), maybe something with a lower heal. I will call you before the next visit.
Thank-you once again.


Hi there,
I am a plus-sized lady with a very big foot (size 14 in a closed toe; size 13 in an opened toe).  I was browsing the net and trying to find places where I could purchase shoes/sexy clothes and found your site.  I know that the site says that you have ladies shopping in your store as well as men, so I'm really hoping that is the case as you have the shoes I want!  It's amazing how difficult it is to find larger sizes, even in a city as large as Toronto. 
Would it be at all possible to confirm if you have the following items?  Going forward, I will purchase on-line but I would prefer to shop in person the first time, especially for shoes since my feet fit 'weird':
Stay-up - XL - Hint of Black (qty:  5)
3" WW pump - Size 13 W non-shiny (an alternate would be 4" black patent pump)
Black garter belt and thong - plus (40"-60")
I would like to come down tomorrow but, as Toronto is a bit of a trip for me, I just want to ensure that the items I want are in stock, especially the shoes.
Thank you for your assistance,
Jessica Berchen

Hi Jessica

We have all those items in stock - glad you called first so we could prepare your order ahead of time - see you soon! 

Dear Wildside

i am thinking of placing an order with your online store but am concerned about privacy. What i would like to know is if your company name appears anywhere on the parcel. i think i would order from you if there are no identifiers on the shipment.
Thanks for your help


Dear Rachel

We have been doing mail order for 20 years at www.shopwildside.com and have much repeat business because we pay particular attention to detail. We carefully package all products in a plain brown wrapper. Only my personal name appears in the top left hand corner with my address Relax and know that we are trying our best for you

Hey Paddy

I've been doing this for awhile now but rather stealthily and never out in public so I thought this may be the best place to start. I am interested in the full transformation where I am able to keep everything. Is the price for this still $300? What exactly is included?

Also as I still have not really shared this with all that many people will any body hair (i.e. my eyebrows and legs) be visibly removed or altered?

Last question, from what I have seen in the transformation photo's the clothes look fairly provocative are there any clothes a little more conservative that I may be able to wear out in public afterwards?

How soon do I make an appointment?

Thank You, Peter

Dear Peter,

Congratulations on choosing Wildside to provide your introduction to the crossdressing world. We are twenty years in business so we must be doing something right. Your $300 includes head to toe dressing and a makeover. Shoes and wig are included. From the top - wig, blouse and skirt or dress, bra, panties, breastforms, pantyhose and shoes. The breastforms are foam rubber at $39.95 but you can upgrade. The wig is a $50 wig and the shoes are previously loved - ie: not brand new. The clothing is not brand new either - but we have lots of things and you will be most pleasantly suprised by our professional ability to create a believable look for you.

We do not need to touch a hair on your head in terms of shaving. We can block you brows to hide them if they are thick - they will still be there when your makeup comes off. We have pantyhose that will hide your leg hair.

The photos I chose for the web site show the upper limits of what we can accomplish. An everyday look is simple and easy. Some people think you haven't done anything is you don't go to town with a fabulous look. I have had some men come in for a makeover and say "When I look in the mirror I do not want to see myself." So I do more than I can to make them look different and they are happy. If less is what you want I will do less!

Make your appointment as soon as you feel good about it - we want you to keep your appointment. We can often see you the same day and we accept walk-ins.


Can you answer some questions for me please? What name is on the credit card statement? I mean who does it say the payment is to.
Also, how is the shipment packaged, and what is stated on the label? I seem to
remember ordering something a long time ago from you and the contents were printed on the label. The isn't what I had hoped for. I live in Canada.
Thank you, Mary

Dear Mary

Hi thank you for your questions. Your credit card will be billed from Toronto CDC. The plainly wrapped package is shipped to your name and address. The return address is from Paddy Aldridge. The contents list is important if we send to another country and that needs to be attached to the box on the outside. Otherwise your package is shipped discretely.


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