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Take a Walk on the Wildside


Wildside Services for Crossdressers in Toronto
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Wildside helped thousands of transgendered people since 1987 and still going strong!

Wildside changes men into women, magically, with the expert makeup and wardrobe designed by Paddy Aldridge, owner and proprietor. Take A Walk On The Wildside TM is Canada's formost Transformation Service and TV B&B called
Take A Walk On The Wildside

Roxy Wildside

Cameras don't take pictures, people do. Paddy, our photographer, has years of experience taking photos and publishing magazines. She can create the type of look you want to a "T". This is her late husband Tom - Also known as Roxy Wildside

Below are some sample shoots and also a new video to show you what you can expect

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Paddy Aldridge
-30 years ago:)


Bianca" Photoshoot by Patricia Aldridge from Patricia" Aldridge on Vimeo.


We can create
what ever look you want

Wildside provides a full range of services. We are immense help for crossdressers, help for transgendered and help for transsexuals.

We can assist you in all stages of your
developing female persona.

We can also makeup your partner for fun or for a party or fet night .....so she feels a part of your experience.
Going to a party?
Get the $500
You Keep Everything
Don't forget -
your wardrobe includes everything -
wig, heels, lingerie, outerwear and jewellery - all carefully put together to create the impression you have chosen to achieve.
We can do anything and we have!!!
Our Hours have changed ----

416-921-6112, open Tues - Sat. Noon - 5 pm and call for after hours appointment


The" Secret from Patricia" Aldridge on Vimeo.

Here's a short video I made in Newfoundland in 2011

We will open at off hours for special people who require special privacy
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