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Paddy Aldridge's Biography

"What we have done for ourselves dies with us;
what we have done for others, and for the world,
remains and is immortal." ~ Albert Pike ~

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Paddy Aldridge

I am not transgendered - I have always admired people who are soul searching. Once they find out who they really are, they are brave enough to become that person through change. I live an inspired life and in turn inspire others by my acceptance and encouragement.

I have owned and operated a crossdresser transformation service in downtown Toronto since 1987. A transformation service is a relatively new type of business designed to assist men who want to look like women. As the visibility of crossdressing has spread through the medium of television, radio and the Internet, there are now transformation services in virtually every average and large city in North America.

But as the popularity of the legitimate crossdressing services has grown, other businesses such as the mistress and the dominatrix now include the transformation service. Indeed, there are numerous services throughout the world run by these women who not only offer their regular services of domination, S&M, B&D and sex, but also crossdressing, fantasy role playing and even adult baby services as well. Since forced crossdressing is a popular theme in crossdressing fiction, going to a dominant woman and being "forced" to crossdress helps to fulfil some men's fantasies. As these types of services have proliferated, their operation has expanded to meet competition and to make more money.

In the beginning I thought the only help and assistance these men needed was external. I helped them with their looks unaware of the internal problems that raged within some of them. For the first two months I was in business, I didn't know the difference between the transvestite, a male who wants to dress like the opposite sex, and a transsexual (genetic male or female), who wants to become the opposite sex through hormone therapy and surgery.

I met Veronica Brown on a trip to Massachusetts. She was a post operative transsexual woman. We fell in love and she moved to Canada. We found out that we could legally marry here (The loophole was that my xx chromosomes and Veronica's xy chrom0somes made the marriage legal ) so we did and became the first legal marriage between two women in Canada - each physically a woman.

With my first partner, Veronica, we opened a boutique that specialized in large clothing sizes, corsets, lingerie, breast forms, wigs, shoes to size fourteen. Then we started the Canadian Crossdresser's Club. A downsized version is running on the third floor above Wildside to this very day. At first the club format included parties twice a week, a safe, comfortable place for members to dress, store their clothes, meet others like themselves, and to have an all around good time with their peers.

We published a newsletter for members, which grew into a forty-eight page magazine called The Canadian CrossDresser Magazine (ISSN 1192-9642). Also included in the new Wildside were overnight guestrooms for club members and travellers, since folks from all over the world were coming to visit us. Wildside has received guests from all across Canada, the US, South America, Europe, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Yugoslavia, Holland, France, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

At the end of three years, we ceased publication of CCDM to turn our attention to educational video production and publishing books. Queens of '93 ISBN 0-9697191-0-8, Why Do I Crossdress? ISBN 0-9697191-2-4, S.T.U.D. ISBN 0-9697191-3-2, The Illustrated Crossdresser and Drag Queen Makeup Guide ISBN 0-9697191-1-6.

We also began to publish colour magazines; Drag Queens International, Fetish Night and Mondo Bondo. These were printed in New York City and distributed worldwide. I did the layouts, the interviews and the photos. I owe this opportunity to my friend JoAnn Roberts, publisher of Ladylike Magazine, and owner of Creative Design Services.

One Halloween in 1995 a wonderful man came for a transformation. He used the name Dee. Once he was transformed I christened him Roxy and we fell madly in love. Veronica moved out on the same day Roxy moved in, a year later we were married in a double bride ceremony at Buddies In Bad Times Theater in Toronto.

To make a long story short, Roxy and I spent a delightful 5 years together and decided to call it quits. We remained good friends until the end. Roxy passed on April 27 2011. I held his hand when he passed, both of us sharing our gift of sobriety. I miss him terribly.

In 1999, I met Sheryl Knight and we fell in love. We were together for 3 years. The main reason for our break up and the problems with my previous marriage was my addiction to alcohol. I have been sober since August 9 2002 and Roxy had been sober since June 1 2003 - it did wonders for our friendship.

I was caught in a workaholic web of activity during the first fifteen years I owned and operated Wildside. Basically, I was doing too much working 24-7. I left for a year of R&R and returned with a new attitude. I had new staff and in particular, Julie and Devika helped prevent me from getting into the same rut I was in when I tried to do everything myself. Alas, Julie has passed - Dear Julie, I will always remember her.

Folks may notice I don't have as much time available as I did before, but this is only attributed to living a sober lifestyle. They should not take my reluctance to party the way I used to personally.