Take a Walk on the Wildside
161 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2E4
1.800.260.0102 or 1.416.921.6112

Club Attributes

Wildside Services
- The Canadian Crossdressers Club -

$15 per visit attendance fee,      $50 per year membership
You can join next time you visit Wildside
You will need to show ID to join the club!
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Members Only Locker Rental (in 6 month blocks)

Large Locker (holds clothes on hangers) $25 per month
$25 x 6 is $150 plus tax

Small Locker (holds a large duffel bag) $20 per month
$20 x 6 is $120 plus tax

Customers who have makeovers/transformations or are a guest of the B&B
do not need to be members. Membership is for day visitors who do not use our services.

Parking behind the building is reserved for overnight guests,
club members by reservation and store shoppers. It costs $20.

Paddys Playhouse is the club common room. Once in a while there is an event at Paddys Playhouse
If you are at Wildside and there is an event at Paddys Playhouse you will need to pay to attend (usually $5 or $10 or PWYC which is Pay What You Can). Paddys Playhouse Mandate is all the money goes to the actors, directors and writers of the performance. Paddy has her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Production from Ryerson University. Recognizing how difficult and expensive it is for theater companies to obtain space in Toronto Paddy offers her Playhouse for free to small local theater groups.

Makeovers & Makeup / Transformations / Private Club
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Do you want to know what it is like at Wildside?

Frank felt his heart race as he pulled the silky nylons over his legs, and slipped into the black pumps. On his left, Sandra was applying the final touches to her already flawless makeup. Could he ever hope to do his own face that well, Frank wondered.

Maria bounced into the makeup room, and daintily pulled a couple of tissues from the box on the makeup table, "Had a little accident," she exclaimed, and she whirled away.

The air was laden with the delicious aromas of nail polish, perfumes and scented powder. Frank took one last look at his makeup, lowered his head and carefully put on the long brunette wig. And suddenly, that wonderous creature whom Frank had recently come to know as Francine, stared back at him in the mirror. Frank was gone, at least for the rest of the evening.

She adjusted the wig, stood up and chose a wide, red belt from the bag on the floor. With one final inspection before the full length mirror, she gazed in rapture at herself. "Maybe next time I'll wear the floral print dress," she mused, her white teeth sparkling between perfect ruby lips.

Francine closed her bag, placed it in the corner with the others and walked into the party room. She was immediately enveloped in the warmth and smiles of the other guests.

Someone said, "Why hello Francine, you look so lovely tonight!"

Francine smiled at the other guests. "I've simply got to come here more often," she thought. And the sparkling conversation, and the music made the wonderous evening dance away. It was a little bit of paradise right here in downtown Toronto.

New Store Hours
Monday We are Closed
Tues - Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday 1 pm - 8 or 9 pm
Sunday open Noon - 4 pm
Members,B&B Guests access 24/7 with door code

Alternate shopping times are available with prior arrangement.
(click to email request)
or call

Club is open later to club members who want to dress

Special Note:
All Prices are in Canadian Funds.
Transactions appear as Toronto CDC on your statement

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