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Picture of Patricia Aldridge We have been connecting with the transgendered community in a positive and helpful way since 1987. Our caring and concerned attitude towards the coming our experience has provided us with a wonderful collection memories from the many people we have helped. I would like to share some thank you letters and testemonials with you.

The Wildside makeup system developed by Paddy Aldridge is a tried and true method of applying makeup for the sole purpose of feminizing a male face. As you know, the opportunity to show the before picture is rare. I offer you some photos of transformations we have done so you can see how lovely the finished look is. May I add that we apply makeup to last as long as possible so there is no fear when you go out for the night that you will loose your face...

Only PaddyAldridge, whose expertise is tried and true with over 20 years of experience., does makeup at Wildside. We truly are the experts. And Click HERE to visit the Tranformation Galleries

Professional Make-Up Application - $60

How Long Does It Take? - 1/2 - 1 hour usually
Sit back, relax and let our professional makeup artist do your make-up for any occasion. From
mild to wild, you'll be looking and feeling your best.

Make-Up Lesson
- $120
How Long Does It Take? - 1 1/2 - 2 hour usually
Learn make-up technique and tips used exclusively at Wildside. While doing your make-up, we will teach you about which cosmetics are best suited to the feminisation process, how to apply them and which brushes and tools to use. A detailed, personalized chart is created for you which you can use as a reminder when applying your own make-up. A video journal of your lesson is available for an additional $150 with advance notice. Our own makeup videos (we have 2) are available for $39.95 Both are for sale in the online catalogue

Additional Services
These are for people who do their own makeup but need help in specific areas

Eye Brow Grooming - $20
Careful and selective trimming and tweezing of brows is performed to 'neaten-up' unruly and heavy eye brows. This service improves your male image and makes your female transformation easier and more believable

Eye Brow Blocking - $20 or free with a transformation or makeover
Specialized glue and wax is used to temporarily cover and conceal masculine eyebrows enabling new feminine brows to be created. This method does not alter your own eye brows and is easily removed with make-up remover

Nail Polish Application - $10
Nail polish is an art. Let us make your nails sexy and beautiful

Moustache Coverage - $20 If you have a moustache, you don't have to shave it for a makeover

False Nail Application - $10
Long nails make your fingers look sexy. We have a variety of styles and sizes for you.

Wig/Hair Styling
- $20
Wash and style - your wig needs to be left for a few hours or overnight or send it to us and it will be ready for you. You may also bring it to us in the morning. It will be dry by the evening.

Photo Session - $50 for half hour shooting This is free with the Glamour Transofrmation
Have a photo session to remember your visit. We can use your camera if you wish, or our digital camera with images safely given to you on a CD-rom. We can optimize the best images for the web for an extra charge

Photoshop your images - $100 per hour.

Clothing Rental - $25 for overnight has been replaced by the You Keep Everything Transformation for $300

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