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Read the letters below.........they are General Letters of Inquiry and My Answers to assist you in making your choices of various products and transformation services offered at Wildside Toronto. For every inquiry I receive I need to decide if the person is serious or wasting my time. I need to establish what they want and how I can help them. Now that my first year in Digital Art is over I will be making my web site more accessible with short videos so watch for that!!!!

2011 Store Hours written in stone
Monday We are Closed
Tues - Fri       Noon - 5:45
Saturday          1 pm - 8 or 9 pm
Sunday          Noon - 4 pm
Members,B&B Guests access 24/7 with door code

Note: Holiday Hours from August 1 - 17
Closed Sunday and Monday
Tues - Fri Noon - 5 pm
Saturday 1 pm - 7 pm
No makeovers or transformations in early August

Alternate shopping times are available with prior arrangement.
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In order to personally answer the many wonderful requests we receive from people who crossdress all over the world I put this page together for everyone to read. If your letter appears here I thank you for it - your questions are great questions and of interest to many of the people who inquire about our services. Enjoy these great letters and my answers. I hope they help!

To whom it may concern,

Hello and how are you? I have been to your web site many times and
thought about contacting you but just didn't have the courage to do so. I
finally decided to email you because your shop offers everything I have ever
dreamed of. I would like to know if you can help me to become the women I
have always wanted to be even if it is just for one evening. I have been
crossdressing for many years wearing lingerie under my male clothes to work
and at home, I have enjoyed smooth silk night dresses and the feeling of
sensual chiffon teddys. I would like to be transformed by one of your
specialist to experiance the feeling of total womenhood by becoming a
passible female, I am looking to create a "real" look through make-up and
clothing. I do have a couple of special requests for you. I would like to
know if you will do a make over on my girlfriend, also I would like to know
if you would be able to help me get in touch with some other "girls" for a
night out. I have NEVER been out in public fully dressed and would really
like to go with a group of people who know where to go. Please contact me
and let me know if you can help.

thank you,
Julie xoxo

Dear Julie,

There are lots of places you can go for dinner with a group of girls in Toronto. If you are planning to include your wife - and it sounds like you are - may I suggest you make it just the two of you for the first time so the experience doesn't overwhelm her. It is an excellent decision to have a disguising makeover for her too - the two of you together will each be safely incognito. Often men in drag would not be recognized if it weren't for the fact they were with their wife and it is her recognizable presence that identifies him!

When you arrive for your transformation ask your wife what she would like to see you in. Courtesy at this time may make or break your experience together.

If the experience doesn't work the way you expected for you and your wife you may decide to join Wildside so you have a place to do it if you can't do it at home. You can come here any time you like 24/7 to dress and visit either by yourself or with the other members if they are here spontaneously, or you can pre-arrange to meet them here and go out or for dinner. That way your activities do not inolve your wife (who may not want to see you dressed) and for some wives, out of sight is out of mind.

Twnety years ago when we opened there were not many places to go out safely. Now there is. There is a stretch of Church St. between Alexander and Dundonald that is completely safe - you can go anywhere in that area and you will see girls like you out and about at any time of day. We are a sisterhood at Wildside

I hope to see you soon.


Hi there,
I am a plus-sized lady with a very big foot (size 14 in a closed toe; size 13 in an opened toe).  I was browsing the net and trying to find places where I could purchase shoes/sexy clothes and found your site.  I know that the site says that you have ladies shopping in your store as well as men, so I'm really hoping that is the case as you have the shoes I want!  It's amazing how difficult it is to find larger sizes, even in a city as large as Toronto. 
Would it be at all possible to confirm if you have the following items?  Going forward, I will purchase on-line but I would prefer to shop in person the first time, especially for shoes since my feet fit 'weird':
Stay-up - XL - Hint of Black (qty:  5)
3" WW pump - Size 13 W non-shiny (an alternate would be 4" black patent pump)
Black garter belt and thong - plus (40"-60")
I would like to come down tomorrow but, as Toronto is a bit of a trip for me, I just want to ensure that the items I want are in stock, especially the shoes.
Thank you for your assistance,
Jessica Merchan

Hi Jessica

We have all those items in stock - glad you called first so we could prepare your order ahead of time - see you soon! 

Dear Wildside

i am thinking of placing an order with your online store but am concerned about privacy. What i would like to know is if your company name appears anywhere on the parcel. i think i would order from you if there are no identifiers on the shipment.
Thanks for your help


Dear Rachel

We have been doing mail order for 15 years at www.shopwildside.com and have much repeat business because we pay particular attention to detail. We carefully package all products in a plain brown wrapper. Only my personal name appears in the top left hand corner with my address and the return to information. Relax and know that we are trying our best for you

I am resending this message hoping you remember it. I am still interested in some information about dressing as a French Maid on or near halloween. I would like to know what to expect, cost, what you have I can wear, can I stay there or do I leave at the end of the evening, best time to start getting dressed, what should I bring, is going out in public dressed as a maid ok there? Any other info. would be appreciated. My dream is to spend most of a day dressed as a sexy French maid, running errands, shopping or whatever dressed that way. I will be 50 this year and decided that this would be a good time to try some of my fantasies.
Hugs, Mary

Dear Mary,

If your intention is to purchase the outfit we can dress you in a head to toe french maid outfit with shoes and hair included for $500 - that includes a bra, breastforms in foan rubber, panties, socks and our traditional or pink or purple french maid outfit. If you want the crinoline it will be $100 extra but I assure you we have lots of lace on our outfits. There are many upgrades, like silicone forms glued onto your body but I warn you, that is expensive!

Join the club and you can return later to remove your makeup and change back into a boy. Take a shower if you like - we supply all makeup removers and towels. If you have an agenda that day - you can hire someone to accompany you or bring someone to keep you company.

We have assisted in many birthday and other celebrations. We would love to help you with yours ! Paddy


Hi Paddy,

I hope I have the right email address.  Unfortunately, I misplaced the card you gave me with your personal email.  I just wanted to thank you tonnes for all the help you gave Scott and I at the store and the great discount.  We had a wonderful time at the walk (ie.  Walk a Mile in her shoes).  Sending you a couple of pics of Scott all done up.  He got so many compliments, by the way, so kuudos to your taste in clothing and shoes.  Hope to see you at Christmas for some more gift shopping!

Thanks again,

Jenny and James



Can you advise as to membership, fees and parking?

I believe there is a membership fee. If there is, how much is it and what
does it cover? Is it a requirement to visit Paddy's Playhouse? With a
membership, can I still use the facilities even when the store is closed
(e.g. Friday evenings).

Are there any other fees (e.g. a cover) to visit Paddy's Playhouse?

I'm from out-of-town... how do I address parking (i.e. where, how much,
etc.). Are there different procedures based on time of day (e.g. Friday
evenings versus Saturday evenings)?

Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sylvia


Dear Silvia.

Paddys Playhouse is the common room at Wildside. It used to have a stage but we removed that when we installed a dance floor. It is Aldridge Art Gallery. That is where the plays at Paddys Playhouse are performed. This is done 4 or 5 times a year for a week or less for 1 hour per night for 3 nights. You can click on events to find out what they have been like. There may also be info on what is coming. Paddy donates Paddys Playhouse to the Theater Community in the sense that if she did not provide this space free to actors, directors and writers their work would not be seen because theater space is so tight in Toronto

The plays are part of Paddy Aldridge's life because she graduated from Ryerson Theater School just before she opened Wildside in 1987. Paddy's theater training is one of the reasons she is so good at creating believable images for crossdressers and transsexuals, their wives and genetic women too. Having the plays at Wildside make for a varied presentation list. At other times we do Karaoke and theme parties on the appropriate holidays. Occasionally a private function will happen like a gallery opening or a private party for a large group.

The membership fee is $50 per year and goes towards various things like property taxes for a location in downtown Toronto, employees to keep Wildside and the Canadian Crossdressers Club clean and maintained (we just ripped out the carpeting and installed engineered red oak flooring in the common room). Then there's hydro, a/c, heat, water, and garbage removal. Your .136 cents per day goes towards this

Now, for your $15 attendance fee. We supply towels, soap, shampoo, razors, showers, hot water unlimited, a dedicated makeup area with mirrors, a common room, cable tv and high speed internet access - with a computer that we keep well maintained.

Memberships are $50 per year and $15 per visit - we have many members.

You must show your identification to join because members get the front door code and can come and go as they like after store hours. Overnight accommodation is also available.

Parking at Wildside is only available to overnight guests and costs $10 per night. During the day shoppers can park in the back while they are shopping - if you let us know we can unlock the back foor so you do not need to walk around.. Wildside is a busy place. Out front parking is $2 per hour in 2 hour increments before 6 pm. Between 6 pm and 9 pm you can buy the 3 hours at once for $6 and then park free between 9 pm and midnight. You must move your car at midnight or get a parking ticket because it is permit only after that on most downtown Toronto streets. You purchase a parking coupon for the hourly parking from the meter in front of 163 Gerrard St. East next door to us. Then don't forget to place it on your dashboard inside your car so the meter maids can see it.

I hope this helps,

Hi Paddy,
I was wondering what the costs woud be? What would a 2 night and 3 night package be complete with transformation and photoshoot? what other things might you have that could be part of the package. If no packges just a cost for each different thing you may offer. I am trying to get a feel on a cost for my trip when I come out for a visit. Thanks in advance for whatever you can give me. I am thinking of coming out sometime in October from a Thursday to a Sunday.
Regards, Marina

Dear Marina,

The minimum price for a two night stay would be 2 nights on the off nights from Sunday - Thursday which is only $79 per night plus tax - $158. plus tax and if you add a $150 transformation to each day it is $300 for 2 days and $450 for 3 days.

The maximum amount of money for the stay you request would be
2 nights on the weekend at $99 per night   $198
- for a Thursday night add $79
A regular transformation Day 1 upon arrival                  $150
Breakfast Day 2      9 am - 10 am      included each morning - you help yourself!           
A glamour transformation and photo shoot Day 2 from 10 am - 2 pm                   $500
Lunch and relaxation  Day 2 from 2 - 4  - order in or go out - not included      
A Femininity Workshop for 2 - 3 hours Day 2 from 4-7                                       $150
Take your instructor to dinner and practice your techniques 7 - 9                         $50
9 pm return to Wildside to change and go out for the evening              estimate    $100
A big sister will accompany you with her car for $25 per hour - you decided how long
Day 2 total is $950

Day 3 add another $950 if you want the same thing or just have a simple transformation for $150.
If you mix and match you can do the 4 days and have a really good time for $1000 - $1500

Just let us know when you want to come Marina. We'll be happy to have you arrive to enjoy yourself. We'll plan your activities to suit a schedule that is either pre-planned or you can choose after you get here.

Some people like to go to the theatre for instance, or a Jays game or a concert and that is off premesis and on their own time. Saturdays are good for people who want to meet other people - we are busy here and we have get-togethers in Paddys Playhouse, our common room. There is a good night life in Toronto - people go out in groups or singles from here.

I hope this helps

Hi Paddy,

1. When would the best time to come out be in October/November
regarding events/things to do en femme?
2. I hae some of my own wardrobe and makeup.
Therefore, would I be able to get any discounts on the transformation packages?
3. Is there many places to go en femme in the area? Is it safe?
regards, Marg

Dear Marg,

There are many many events in Toronto to which our members go. You can contact people on the Wildside message board in the forum. When you get here you can meet people too. The transformations are what they are because of the time and the expertise of the person helping you, not the fact that you use your own stuff. Either you get makeup only or a transaformation. A makeup lesson costs more but then you get 3 different looks - daytime, dinner and evening in that order! We are downtown a block from the bars and nightclubs. You can start out at Zipperz and work your way up Church St. to Wellesley and drop into any number of places like Hair of The Dog, PLAY, Woodys, Church and Firkin, Crews Tango, O'Gradys, The Village Cafe, Cafe California, Byzantium, Zelda's, Slacks, or go south on Church St. past Queen to Goodhandys, etc. Xtra Newspaper has stuff listed as well as Fab Magazine


Hey Paddy

I've been doing this for awhile now but rather stealthily and never out in public so I thought this may be the best place to start. I am interested in the full transformation where I am able to keep everything. Is the price for this still $300? What exactly is included?

Also as I still have not really shared this with all that many people will any body hair (i.e. my eyebrows and legs) be visibly removed or altered?

Last question, from what I have seen in the transformation photo's the clothes look fairly provocative are there any clothes a little more conservative that I may be able to wear out in public afterwards?

How soon do I make an appointment?

Thank You, Peter

Dear Peter,

Congratulations on choosing Wildside to provide your introduction to the corssdressing world. We are twenty years in business so we must be doing something right. Your $300 includes head to toe dressing and a makeover. Shoes and wig are included. From the top - wig, blouse and skirt or dress, bra, panties, breastforms, pantyhose and shoes. The breastforms are foam rubber at $39.95 but you can upgrade. The wig is a $50 wig and the shoes are previously loved - ie: not brand new. Thw clothing is not brand new either - but we have lots of things and you will be most pleasantly suprised by our professional ability to create a believable look for you.

We do not need to touch a hair on your head in terms of shaving. We can block you brows to hide them if they are thick - they will still be there when your makeup comes off. We have pantyhose that will hide your leg hair.

The photos I chose for the web site show the upper limits of what we can accomplish. An everyday look is simple and easy. Some people think you haven't done anything is you don't go to town with a fabulous look. I have had some men come in for a makeover and say "When I look in the mirror I do not want to see myself." So I do more than I can to make them look different and they are happy. If less is what you want I will do less!

Make your appointment as soon as you feel you can keep your appointment. We can often see you the same day and we accept walk-ins.


Can you answer some questions for me please? What name is on the credit card statement? I mean who does it say the payment is to.
Also, how is the shipment packaged, and what is stated on the label? I seem to
remember ordering something a long time ago from you and the contents were printed on the label. The isn't what I had hoped for. I live in Canada.
Thank you, Mary

Dear Mary

Hi thank you for your questions. Your credit card will be billed from Toronto CDC. The plainly wrapped package is shipped to your name and address. The return address is from Paddy Aldridge. The contents list is important if we send to another country and that needs to be attached to the box on the outside. Otherwise your package is shipped discretely.

Hello Paddy

I am going to be visiting Toronto at the end of May 23 – 30th and am considering staying with you at least a few days. I’ll be attending a short conference nearby and will likely stay at a downtown hotel during part of the week. I’ve read your website (bio and incredible content – Thanks for sharing) and so it seems unnecessary to ask too many questions however I’m trying to decide if I should stay there a few days although I’ve never ‘dressed’ with other girls and am wondering more about the experience and how many other people will be staying there or enjoying the experience.

Also, what is the hanging out or going out experience like? And are there any special events going on that week?

Last time I was in your city I went to Goodhandy’s and went home with a beautiful girl although I wish I could remember her name.

If I do stay there would I be able to bring over another tgirl? For several years it seems I can only have ‘escort’ relationships with transgendered yet have never mixed my cd with tgirls or others.

And finally if I were to stay there a day or two, which nights are best? I’d love to go all out and have a transformation and enjoy a party.


Hi Candice

We have stuff around - like there would be in a private home - and if you bring someone who may like to take our stuff or a members stuff home with them it would not be kosher. We prefer you do not bring people home.

We don't like to be in an unsafe situation and people who stay here and belong here know and like that. It is what makes us different.

We also do not have parties like we used to since so many people go out now and we are getting older. We do have singing though.

We have the best shop with the most stock and do great transformations.

There are lots of beautiful girls at Goodhandys. Some of them I have known for years and years. Wildside has been around since 1987 and I have been in the gay ghetto/village since 1973.

We have a weekly rate in our hotel rooms of $400 and a monthly rate of $700. we have parking for $10/night.

Members come and go all the time, some rent lockers, stay over, come for the day, evening, or whatever. We are here providing a well stocked store, makeup and transformations services, and a clean safe place to live the fantasy.


Dear Paddy,

How far in advance do you have to reserve hotel rooms and makeover/lesson appointments. I may be able to come up there April 9, 10, 11 and 12. Do you sell the products that you use in the makeovers

Thanks, Marion

Dear Marion,


Book early with a deposit.

People book according to their schedule and where they are coming from. Someone in Toronto will call 1 or 2 days ahead but someone travelling from another country will make plans with us as soon as they book their flight. We have 4 rooms - it is just enough for us to have an exclusive, uncrowded destination in downtown Toronto right accross from a beautiful park - so there is lots of privacy!

So the bottom line is - you make whatever booking you need in order to feel comfortable. We will need a $50 deposit when you make you booking. This does not apply to makeovers. All the products we use in the makeovers are available for purchase!


Hi Wildside

i was wondering how much a make over is with photos

with the makeover do you supply clothes too


Hi Geraldine,
It is $300 for a makeover with a complete wardrobe (clothes) - we call this a transformation and $50 for the photos for a total of $350. You can keep everything

Patricia Aldridge



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