Established 1987
Take a Walk on the Wildside
161 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2E4
1.800.260.0102 or 1.416.921.6112

We are renovating - stay tuned

It is business as usual though so please come to visit~

Our events are spontaneous - they just happen - like magic!
Many wonderful people have come here and had a really good time.

Members and Guests g
et together Saturday nights and other nights - they dress and go out.
Depending on the time of year it may be busy or not.
Sometimes we sing Karaoke. The Wildside store is open until 8 or 9 for shopping,
dressing up and makeup. Sometimes we open for private shoppers at other times.
We also get tired when we open at all hours so we sometimes need to close early to make up for this.
Call if you are coming late.

We serve a huge community. Most everyone is honest and nice.
Unfortunately some people are not honest and as of late this has been the case.
What that means is we have become careful - more careful.
We do not let too many people in the store at one time.
We do not open the upstairs club to strangers. You need to be a client, guest or member.
Basically we need to know who you are for you to be invited in to the private club.

This is for our and your safety.

Join the club at Wildside! $50/year $15/visit
You need to show ID
We are here for you!

Past in 2009 and coming up in 2010 are the
Wildside Halloween Party Get Ready Parties

Halloween Get Ready Party
Here is Ginger at Halloween 2006
This 2010 date is Friday October 29, Saturday October 30, and Sunday Oct 31 2010

We love you Ginger! Ginger has a new name ------

Going out?
The safest thing is to get ready at Wildside and then everyone goes out together and has fun.
They come back later and get out of drag.



July 2007
Thanks to the wonderful writers, cast and crew of

Lip Sync


Paddys Playhouse
Presents the off-Broadway and WeHo (West Hollywood) hit:
"When friendship and music come together, the results can be therapeutically hilarious"

A Melo-Comedic Situation Play by
E. Robert Dunn & Mario Locicero
in its Canadian debut at 

Paddys Playhouse, 161 Gerrard St. East., Toronto, ON
From July 5th - 21st 2007   
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Evening performances at 8 PM

Eston Dunn, Iain Sanderson, Samir Muriani, Yolanda Simone, Michael Symonds,
Garth Johnson and Mike Tighe

Tickets available for $15 at the theatre door as well as Take A Walk On The Wildside
(161 Gerrard St. East) and/or by calling Paddys Playhouse to reserve at 416-921-6112

"LipSync" is written by two Florida playwrights E. Robert Dunn and Mario Locicero and was performed by local talent in Fort Lauderdale before it’s Canadian Debut

The Toronto Production is being directed by Iain Sanderson,
also appearing in the role of Norman "Des" Desmondo.

Backdrops by renowned local artists Bill Pullen and Bruce Eves

Costumes and sets by Paddy Aldridge



Saturday May 15 2007 at 8 pm

Paddys Playhouse at Wildside presented a play by Helen Posno


What You Cooking?

starring Peter Lynch, Linda Carter and Philip Cairns

  Photo Shoots of Some Past Events at Wildside
Holly Woodlawn Meets the Press
Alejandro Jodorowsky Karaoke Party

Here's a pic of Ginger at Wildside with a painting by Paddy Aldridge
....remember to take a look at the Aldridge Art Gallery



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