Take a Walk on the Wildside
161 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2E4
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The Wildside Boutique

In the old days - when we first started in 1987, things were different. No one had come out of the closet. It was a rarity to see a crossdresser in public. Nowadays many men have wives who accept their female persona and in our boutique we have lots of wonderful visitors, both male and female. We also have the novice and we encourage you to come to visit and be accepted for who you are. Please don't be shy.

You can browse at our boutique in total comfort, but don't feel uncomfortable if other shoppers drop in while you are here. Some of them are shopping at our boutique for the same reason you are. Some shoppers are from the television and film industry - we have always served them well with our dedicated boutique and full stock AVAILABLE HERE . Look online and when you know what you want come on down and we'll help you get the right size and colour.

When you come to us with questions you can be confident in knowing that we will be able to answer most of them for you. We specialize in assisting the beginner and have done so since the beginning. Many of our customers come here from all over the world.


We stock wigs, camoflage makeup (free color consultation) large and regular size women's clothing, everyday clothes, fetish clothes, heels to size 14, lingerie, extra long stocking, imported corsets, and the largest selection of informative books, magazines and videos on gender related issues in Canada. We sell false nails, eye lashes, hip pads, and many other accessories and products to complete your femme persona. We have inexpensive foam breast forms at under 40 dollars to quality silicone breast forms that look and feel real.

Visitors to the Wildside boutique range from the inexperienced novice (who has never seen another Cder) to the experienced person who visits us dressed en femme. Wildside has served the TG community in Toronto since 1987. We've had clients from around the world. We have done international television shows, including Phil Donahue, Jerry Springer, AM Buffalo, The Daily Show, The Shirley Show, Culture Shock, The Living Edge etc We have also been the subject of many documentaries. Radio Shows and articles in the press. We do this to educate the public.

Our clothing is comfortable, sexy and much of it is stretchy to fit the male form as well as the female form. Both men and women shop in our store - there is always lots of different things to catch your eye.

Store Hours:

Store Hours may change in response to my schooling
I will post the change in hours
Sometimes we close early so call first if arriving late - 8 or 9 .

Browse the online catalogue then come to the store to make your final choices.

We can only serve customers who want to make purchases or book services.

The written in stone store hours are:
Monday We are Closed
Tues - Fri     Noon - 5:45 PM
Saturday 1 pm - 8 or 9 pm
Sunday open Noon - 4 pm
Members, B&B, Guests access 24/7 with door code

We open Anytime for you -just let us know
(click to email request)
or call

Club is open later to club members who want to dress

Special Note:
All Prices are in Canadian Funds.
Transactions appear as Toronto CDC on your statement