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Take a Walk on the Wildside


The Wildside Boutique

Wildside began in 1987 as a boutique for crossdressers and is now a boutique for everyone. Our customers range from women who have had breast cancer since lots of gals like our lower priced silicone breastforms and yes - we will sell you a single form! We also carry large size wide width high heels and low heels in womens shoe styles. Ankle, knee and hip boots are also in our collection. Look at our shop online catalogue at www.shopwildside.com to see the full range of offerrings.

We have a privacy policy which everyone loves. Only 1 person alone or with a friend is allowed in the store at one time. If I am busy you may need to wait for 10 minutes for me to serve the customer I am already helping. People love this! One on one service/help is where it's at!

When we first started in 1987 as a place for crossdressers, things were different. No one had come out of the closet as a trans person. I was fresh out of theater school and could make men look like women with makeup. It was a rarity to see acrossdresser in Toronto out in public. Nowadays many men have wives who accept their female persona and in our boutique we have lots of wonderful visitors, both male and female. We also have the novice and we encourage you to come to visit and be accepted for who you are. Please don't be shy.

You can browse our store online in total comfort at home, but to be fair try to get your shopping list together before you arrive. There is only so much time I can devote to each person and things will be much easier if you know what you want before you get here. We have a large online business and we also serve the television and film industry with our dedicated boutique and full stock AVAILABLE HERE . Look online and when you know what you want come on down and we'll help you get the right size and colour.

At Take a Walk On The Wildside, when you come to us with questions you can be confident in knowing that we will be able to answer most of them for you. We specialize in assisting the beginner and have done so since the beginning. Many of our customers come here from all over the world.


We stock wigs, makeup with varying degrees of opacity, large and regular size women's clothing, everyday clothes, fetish clothes, heels to size 17, lingerie, extra long stockings, corsets and waist cinchers that work, and the largest selection of informative books, magazines and videos on gender related issues in Canada. We sell false nails, eye lashes, hip pads, and many other accessories and products to complete your femme persona. We have inexpensive foam breast forms at under 20 dollars to quality silicone breastforms that look and feel real.

Visitors to the Wildside boutique range from the general public to the friends of the inexperienced novice, to the novice herself. Sometimes our visitors have never seen another transgendered person. Once in a while we meet the experienced person who has completely transformed.

Wildside has served the TG community in Toronto since 1987. We've had clients from around the world. We have done international television shows, including Phil Donahue, Ooh La La, Jerry Springer, AM Buffalo, The Daily Show, The Shirley Show, Culture Shock, The Living Edge, Sex Files, Interviews, etc We have also been the subject of many documentaries. Radio Shows and articles in the press. We do this to educate the public.

Our clothing is comfortable, sexy and much of it is stretchy to fit all types of bodies. We are the breastform store in Toronto because of all the people who come here purchase their breastforms at Wildside. We are the large size wide width ladies shoe store in Toronto for the same reason. We welcome you!

416-921-6112, open Tues - Sat. Noon - 5 pm and call for after hours appointment

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